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Bupa News Update: End of life care service launched. Bupa have launched an End of Life care package to all Bupa members across the UK, the company reports.
The end of life care package has been designed to show what the impact of the service is on patients and what the cost will be to the package commissioners.
The service that Bupa offer focuses on the patient and the wider family unit as a life comes to an end and has been designed around solutions that bolster existing provision and coordinate and improve patient outcomes. Provision is locally tailored and includes a nurse led twenty-four hour coordination and support phone line. It offers assessment of the patient and the family and the specific needs that exist within the family unit with palliative support and intervention when necessary to ease pain and suffering. Care is continuous and tailored to meet complex caring situations. Bupa also offers beds in hospital for intermediate or respite care needs that will be arranged with the family in mind.
With their wide experience of treating and caring for patients with very different complex and multiple complaints Bupa feel sure that their end of life service will be able to offer the best of their caring and medical experience for the welfare of the patient and the family as a whole.
All the senior nurses and palliative care teams that work within Bupa Home Healthcare have been trained to a very high standard and focus on delivering care that has the welfare comfort and well being of the patient at its heart. The interventions and palliative and general nursing care that are offered have been judged in a recent patient satisfaction survey as being either very good or excellent by over ninety four per cent of those patients who replied to the survey.
Bupa Home Healthcare are well aware of the importance of delivering the right clinical and patient health care in their end of life care service. Working together with commissioners they aim to create benchmarks and gold standards that will then be incorporated into the processes.

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These standards include increasing identification of appropriate Advance Care Plans thus lessening avoidable admissions for emergencies. Bupa also aim to improve the twenty-four hour service in respect of pain management and medication. Bupa feel that it is very important that the patient who is approaching the end of their life should be able, where possible, to choose the place in which they die and aim to tailor care plans to incorporate this whenever they can.

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