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BT Sign Shirt Sponsorship

BT News Update

BT News Update: BT get a shirt sponsorship deal and market themselves through Sky Sports’ chosen televised teams, after their complaint is ignored.

Recently, both BT and Sky have been strong and persistent rivals, ever since BT announced they will be launching their own sports channels. There has been many discussions about what each brand’s sports package will include and has been agreed that each company will have sports team’s matches that the competitor is not allowed to broadcast.

However, there has been another issue that surfaced recently, in which Sky announced that they would not show any BT adverts on their sports channels. BT made a complaint but it was denied. For this reason, in order to get around this, BT have signed a sponsorship deal with the Glasgow Warriors and Edinburgh Rugby, meaning their logo will be seen by viewers on the teams’ playing shirts. These two sports teams are ones that will be exclusively broadcasted on Sky Sports and the sponsorship deal is for four years.

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According to BT, this deal was not in response to the dismissal of their former complaint in order to make themselves available on their rival’s channels, but simply a sponsorship deal. In terms of the teams they’ve chosen to sponsor, BT claim that the choice was to do with the fans who will be watching these teams play, as they are a very large percentage of the company’s target market; and not because their matches will be shown exclusively on Sky Sports. The sponsorship will therefore be a large and very effective marketing strategy in an aim to reach out to new potential BT customers, as well as creating publicity for themselves.

For the two Scottish rugby teams being sponsored, this is a massive ordeal for them and is the biggest sponsor they have had to date. It will increase the amount of revenue going into the teams and therefore strengthen and improve the ability of both teams, hopefully improving their future prospects.

The launch of three new BT sports channels is taking place this week which will broadcast the live football matches from the premier league games. The Rugby available will also be premier matches. BT are hoping that this new product will be a hit with consumers and competitive rival Sky’s.

For more information on BT and their latest news, as well as the offers, tariffs and products they have to offer, visit their official website by clicking here.

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