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This extract looks at the BT emailing system and the problems they have encountered. The problem is that the email origin addresses keep changing which make stopping these spam emails extremely difficult. Spamming as you may well be aware can be tedious and annoying which can often reflect badly on the company which is suppose to be blocking this content. The following explains further:


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Around one in ten emails sent from BT accounts contain links to a growing spam attack that sends users to a fat-burning site, which prompts users to enter their credit card details.

Cloud security and email filtering firm Omniquad told PC Pro it had been tracking the campaign over the past two months, but said it had grown in recent weeks to consistently account for about a tenth of all BT emails, and a seventh of Yahoo emails passing through its filtering systems.

The firm said it wasn’t clear how so many accounts had been compromised and suggested that at least 50,000 addresses had been hijacked in total. Since the company tracks spam for 500 to 700 customers, it said it only sees a small proportion of UK email traffic and that the number of spam messages sent per day was likely to be much higher.

“What we see is just a snapshot of what’s happening,” said CTO Daniel Sobstel.

Problems at Yahoo

It’s likely that the hijacks are related to ongoing problems with Yahoo, which provides BT’s email services. BT has said it will dump Yahoo after users complained hackers were hijacking their accounts and sending out spam emails. BT told PC Pro it would begin moving users over to a new system in July.

Omniquad said it noticed the spam campaign around two months ago, when a disproportion number of emails caught in its filter displayed subject lines with greetings such as “hello” and “good afternoon”. The emails contained spam links which, when clicked, took the user to a weight-loss website and demanded payment details.

It added that the campaign had been “under the radar”, but “mutates continuously” to avoid being blocked by administrators. For example, one day the emails might contain PHP links, yet on another day the spammer might include different extensions to evade PHP blocks.

“What is unique here is that domains change so quickly – volumes are so low that major blacklists never get them reported, so many spam filters are vulnerable,” said the firm.

For spamming, Google have been crowned with their Gmail as having the best anti-spam system. As interfaces  become similar in the functions available and compatibility increases, it becomes increasingly important to make sure you separate yourself as a company through having the best filters, fastest interface and other similar features. This article was taken from PC Pro, more of which can be furthered by Clicking Here.

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