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What makes a company successful. Is it the product, service or is it just simply a man who takes pride in his appearance? As the head of retail, BT maverick Gavin Patterson is headlining at all the major events. The following was taken from The The full article can be found through the link by Clicking Here.


BT News Update

What to make of the new man at the top of the BT corporate tower? Gavin Patterson, current head of retail, will become chief executive when Ian Livingston hangs up his handset to become trade minister in the Lords.

Always immaculately turned out, Patterson has often been spotted by admirers at evening events, ranging from Neil Young at the O2 to the premiere of Iron Man 3, when he likes to sport his favourite look — open-neck shirt and coiffured hair. Maybe that’s not entirely surprising for the man who used to be marketing director for the Pantene shampoo brand while at US giant Procter & Gamble in his pre-BT life.

What was dapper Patterson’s reaction when offered the top telecoms role that could pay him £8 million a year? “I hoped to get a chance at some point,” he says. Clearly he was head and shoulders above the competition.

That said, BT’s boardroom has quite a few snappy dressers. Chief executive of Open Reach, Liv Garfield, pictured, has excellent taste in heels.

Edison tries a new pitch

Edison Investment Research normally distributes analyst notes on companies and sectors for financial and business insight.

But its latest missive to clients offers “lessons in the value of legitimate gamesmanship to give their team an edge over the opposition”. The analysts are All-Black rugby legend Leon MacDonald and Sky Sports presenter Scotty Stevenson, who are analysing the rugby action Down Under between the British and Irish Lions and the Wallabies.

The latest analyst’s note and blog, entitled Game On Before The Whistle Blows To Start, reminds business leaders about the Lions tour of New Zealand 2005 when Lions’ spin doctor Alastair Campbell and manager Sir Clive Woodward were outdone by All Blacks coach Graham Henry before the two sides had even got to the ground of the first test.

MacDonald remembers how the All-Blacks were travelling by bus when they saw the Lions in their own bus and decided to go through a red light. The Lions had to wait at the stadium to unload their gear. “I can still see Sir Clive’s face as we drove away; he was near apoplectic with rage. Graham Henry: one, Clive Woodward: nil,”  he recalls.

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