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BT News Update: British Telecom’s customers experience technical issues with their Sports App, leaving consumers with unsatisfactory advice to help fix it.

After recently launching their sports channels package earlier this month, British Telecom have not had the best of luck following the launch and have experienced a number of complaints about their new sports App that allows consumers to watch live and on demand matches.

Over the past few days, it appears that some consumers have had a few technical hitches when they were trying to watch BT Sport over the internet using the designated App. Customers complained of not being able to rewind videos and replay certain parts as well as experiencing error codes.

In response to the issues experienced by consumers, the broadcasting company have given out advice and have given suggestions that consumers can perform, in an attempt to improve their online viewing experience. However, affected consumers have said that the company have not been very helpful and it appeared as if they were accusing the customer of not using the App correctly; thus leading to the issue. The advice given by BT consisted of refreshing the internet page and trying to play the video again, reloading the App or logging out and then back into the service again.

Although offering this advice, arguably helpful or not, the company have not apologised to their customers about the technical issue or given a reasonable explanation for the root cause of the problem. This has left many consumers feeling unsatisfied and let down by the company, feeling like they are not British Telecom’s main priority.

The attitude the broadcasting provider is taking doesn’t appear to match their promise to provide the best customer experience and service for their consumers. When at such high competition with fellow broadcasting company, Sky, one would have thought that they would be trying to keep their reputation as pristine as possible, so customers have no excuse to move to an alternative rival broadcasting provider.

For more information on the products and services BT have to offer, you can visit their official website by clicking here. Alternatively, if you are one of their customers and have an enquiry about your current tariff or would just like some more information, then you can ring their contact number where you will be put through to their customer services department and someone will be happy to help and provide you with the relevant support.

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