BT News Update: Customer Details Passed To British Spy Company

BT shares details with GCHQ

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BT News Update: The telecoms company have given a British spy company access to millions of consumer’s personal data, Facebook messages and emails.

It has come to the attention of the media that the British Telecoms company are one of many telecoms firm that have given British spy company, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), unlimited access to their customer’s details. They also have access to their consumers’ Facebook messages, phone calls and emails. The GCHQ are able to gain this information through BT’s undersea cables, that they have been given access to, that contain the majority of the world’s online traffic and phone calls.

This whole ‘project’ has been surfaced by a German newspaper, who published the names of the companies involved. However, none of the telecom firms have commented on the accusations apart from stating that they have no choice but to comply with the law.

However, British Telecoms are now concerned that they will suffer much bad press and many complaints from consumers over the matter. According to some consumers, they have breached their customer data protection and privacy agreement and they are therefore not happy with the possibility of their private phone calls being tracked and their emails read.

With access to BT’s cables, as well as the other six companies’ involved, the British spy company are able to search through the data and internet usage of millions of online users. They can also easily track six hundred million phone calls per day.

It is also not just UK data being accessed. Information has emerged that GCHQ have also been retrieving data from German users too, that has left many outraged with the fact that they were potentially being spied upon.

However, an involved source has said that the public have misunderstood their intentions. They are not looking at the public’s private and intimate call or emails, but searching for information that could suggest organised crime and terrorism and it is therefore a form of security to protect the public and the country. The source also said that a large majority of data and information is disregarded and that the public should not think they are being spied on, but in fact protected.

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