BT News Update: Contract Secured With Nottinghamshire Council

BT News Update

BT News Update: A contract has been secured with Nottinghamshire Council resulting in fibre broadband for hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses.

Nottinghamshire Council have agreed to a contract with British Telecom that will give the majority of the county the accessibility to fibre broadband by the year 2016. This equates to ninety five percent of Nottingham’s population having the opportunity to use the fast broadband service.

This is a major investment into Nottinghamshire and one the council are looking forward to greatly. The contract is rumoured to be worth approximately twenty millions pounds and is therefore a major investment into the city. BT will be contributing to the majority of the financial backup for this project with the rest being provided by the city and district councils as well as other partners and organisations.

British Telecom have said that there are many benefits for working with others for this project as there will no longer be a vast divide between the areas of Nottinghamshire that do and do not have fast broadband. BT have stated that the county as a whole and therefore the local economy, will benefit from this investment, as schools, businesses and families will all see the new improvements and how the faster broadband can really positively impact their lives. For example, internet shopping, streaming videos, listening to music, file sharing and downloading data and games will be significantly faster and a lot smoother too.

British Telecom are also providing free sessions that local businesses can attend free of charge, that allow them to see the benefits of having access to fibre broadband. They will gain a greater understanding as well as learn about the new opportunities that they now have on offer to them. The broadcasting and broadband provider have said that over one hundred and fifty businesses have already attended these sessions.

If you are a BT customer and would like to make an enquiry into your current tariff or would just like some more information on the company’s current projects, then you can ring their contact number, where you will be put through to their customer services department, where you will be provided with all the help, support and advice that you need. Alternatively, if you would like further details on their current offers, products and services you can visit their official website by clicking here.

To contact BT by phone, click the link.

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