BT News Update: BT Lose Deal To Sky

BT Lose Deal to Sky

BT News Update

BT News Update: British Telecom lose deal to Sky, meaning their YouView customers cannot watch Sky Sports football matches, even for an extra charge.

The British Telecom company, after the success of launching their new sports channels yesterday, have received some bad news. They have lost a deal between major broadcaster rival, Sky, resulting in their customers subscribed to YouView, not being able to watch the majority of football matches live. This decision does not seem likely to change and has left customers feeling angry and mislead.

This is good news for Sky however, who have been feeling the pressure from the broadcasting provider for some time, since the announcement of their sport packages that rival Sky Sports. BT were boasting their sign up rates of 500,000 households before the service had even been launched, so it was motivating for the rival firm to hear some negative news about their competition.

The company had originally applied to regulator, Ofcom, to settle a wholesale deal, to allow their consumers the ability to watch Sky Sports channels whilst signed up to BT. They wanted this deal to happen before the start of the Premier League Football Season and their reasons behind it were that their major competitor was trying to damage their company by exploiting their dominant position within the broadcasting market.

However, Ofcom dismissed the request and complaint about Sky by stating that it doesn’t believe the company to be potentially damaged enough to justify any action to be required.    Nevertheless, it could still be a positive for the company despite their initial rejection as the regulator has said a full decision will not yet be made and could take up to a year for a final say.

Due to both rival broadcasting companies wanting to be the most dominant company in the market, they are both refusing to wholesale their sports channels to the other. British Telecom customers can watch the company’s sports channels for free but Sky customers will have to pay the company directly if they wish to watch them as it will not be included within any Sky packages.

If you would like to keep up to date with all the latest news and updates on the company then you can visit our news feed. If you would like to see what BT has to offer in terms of products and services then visit their official website by clicking here.

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