British Gas News Update: Utilities Company Simplify Tariffs

Simple Tariffs for British Gas

British Gas news update: Utilities company British Gas have made a radical decision to simplify their tariffs and give customers greater understanding.

It is a renowned fact that utilities companies make it incredibly difficult for their customers to understand their tariffs and what they are paying for their gas and electricity. British Gas and Ecotricity however have decided to buck the trend and simplify their price packages and assist their customers with understanding exactly what they’re paying and getting for that price.

“Two power companies have announced plans to make their tariffs simpler following the regulator’s campaign to make the energy market easier to navigate.

British Gas has started to simplify tariffs by replacing its current range of eight standing charges with just one.

‘By the end of August, British Gas will have completed the rationalisation for all but one of its current products and will have one standing charge by the end of 2013,’ says a company spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, the green electricity provider Ecotricity has dropped its New Energy tariff that supplied 60% of its power from renewable resources.

From now on it will only have one product, called Green Electricity, which will be 100% green. The good news is that the price is reduced to the lower tariff, not the higher one.

Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, says the new product will blend the best of both previous products – the 100% green content of New Energy Plus and the lower price of New Energy.

Britain’s energy suppliers have been ordered by regulator Ofgem to make their prices simpler.

They must offer a single flat rate for the gas and electricity households use, and a separate daily fee to cover administration costs such as billing, metering and environmental taxes, called a standing charge.”

Companies, particularly utilities ones, are not exactly renowned for having customers who understand 100% of what they are getting from the company for the money they part with. So this move to simplify the tariffs is a breath of fresh air for those customers.

If you are a British Gas customer or are interested in becoming one, then contact their customer services department and discuss your options. They are available to be contacted whenever it is most convenient for you – they appreciate that everyone has busy lives and all the information they want is what they are getting for what they are paying. Call the British Gas customer services department now.

Article originally found on The Guardian.

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