British Gas News Update: Staff’s Boozy Two Day Spree

Alcohol Fueled Night For British Gas

British Gas news update: Customer service staff from British Gas were treated to a lavish two-day training course as new tariff rises are announced.

The customer service team had a two day boozy get away on a training course to teach them how to squeeze the energy giant’s hike of 9.2 per cent out of already struggling customers.

The British Gas staff enjoyed a night of excess at a twenty thousand two day booze fueled ‘training course.’ The irony would not have escaped the firms beleaguered customers as the staff of the energy company enjoyed a very lavish four course dinner washed down with dozens of bottles of wine. And who was footing the bill? No problem there, it just came out of the spiraling profits of British Gas.

There was fun an games with a fancy dress competition and a rousing call to action by the Customer Operation Director, Matt Idle whose brainwave the ‘training’ days were. The thrust of the address by Mr Idle was to rev staff up to make sure that despite punishing rises in their tariffs British Gas clients paid their bills on time.

It was one of the British Gas workers, who disgusted with the unfairness told the Daily Mirror and leaked photos of the event. Once the story was leaked those organization who campaign for customers rights went into overdrive in their condemnation of the scene while they were fighting a losing battle to keep pensioner and other vulnerable people safe and warm this winter.

British Gas News Update

They called the display of decadence a slap in the face to those who were victims of the biggest UK energy providers price hikes. One organization said on the one hand British Gas were whining that they had to pay more for green tax and wholesale prices rises while on the other there was no shortage of cash for the staff to have a two day jolly and said that those who were struggling to pay for their fuel would feel very offended that part of the price hike was going to fund such events.

The hotel that the staff stayed in has rooms that can cost up to one hundred and fifty pounds per night. All the staff who attended were in meetings and tutorials all day giving them ideas of how to make sure they got customers to pay up on time while the evenings were given over to lavish food and drink. The fact that the training event was taking place in the hotel was not advertised.

Follow the link for information on contacting the British Gas customer service team:

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