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British Gas App For Students

British Gas News Update

British Gas News Update: New mobile App aimed at young house sharers to help manage their energy bills and consumption will be the simplest yet.

As a leading energy supplier within the United Kingdom, British Gas are now targeting young people who are house sharing. They are doing this by having created a mobile application that is available on smart phones, and allows the user to totally manage their energy. The idea behind it is to make it a similar and easier way to firstly manage the amount of energy they use, but also in terms of splitting bills per house mates, paying bills and allowing an individual to keep their same account when they move house, something that will be particularly useful for students who often move house each year. It will also predict the next monthly bill as well as users being able to submit their meter readings using the App and their smart phone.

The App will be called Me, short for Mobile Energy and is designed to be the simplest it can be. Technology is forever advancing and companies need to keep on track and up to date with all the latests ways to support twenty first century living. British Gas did not have firm knowledge over this target market of young adults of around twenty years of age and had to conduct a considerable amount of market research in order to create the new brand.

In an attempt to promote and entice consumers to join the new British Gas brand, they are giving users rewards as well as holding exclusive events where they can demonstrate the advantage of Mobile Energy.

More British Gas Updates

As technology advances further, British Gas have stated that they plan to update the application further too. It is predicted that users will be able to compare their energy usage levels with other British Gas users and friends in their area as well as being able to request immediate repair services from a British Gas representative or being able to alter their homes heating temperature.

British Gas state that the App is not intended for the company to gain data about their consumers but to make their lives easier and simpler in terms of their energy usage and bills. The company say they have a very large consumer base and they highly respect all British Gas consumers. Their overall aim is to make the consumer life more beneficial.

For more information on British Gas and the services and tariffs they have to offer, visit their official website by clicking here.

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