British Gas News Update: British Gas Join Forces with RAC

British Gas and RAC

British Gas News Update: The Royal Automobile Club (RAC) have signed up to a five year contract with British Gas to provide their repair management services.

Beginning early in July following a bid placed in March, the RAC will care for the 15000 strong fleet who serve the UK’s British Gas customers. This contract is the first for RAC since they launched a revamped Accident Management offer which included a huge investment in a new IT platform. The £2million investment included recruiting some of the UK’s leading experts in the field. This investment along with RAC’s as well are aimed at aiding an efficient and cost effective service for all of their customers.

The RAC Accident Management service have also invested in services to develop their Approved Bodyshop Network with technology that allows them to handle a huge proportion of work through the now firmly established RAC Rapid Repair service.

This service allows more and more repairs to be fast-tracked to reduce the overall time it takes to resolve the problem. This offer of effective cost control and faster-than-average repair times without compromising on quality of service, i.e. vehicle safety, will greatly benefit British Gas as speed of recovery is top priority after vehicle safety. The faster their fleet is repaired, the faster their engineers can get back out on the road and repair any British Gas oriented problem.

Managing Director for procurement and supply chain Rob Morton, has been quoted as being optimistic of a successful partnership between the two companies in the coming five years. His counterpart Jim Montieth, head of Accident Management at the RAC has reiterated these sentiments and is eager to get the partnership underway.

British Gas strive to care for their customer’s worlds every day. Their eye-catching adverts that demonstrate how they treat each customer as an individual; they address a customer’s home as ‘their world’ which is synonymous with importance and demonstrates that they appreciate that. For more information on the products and services offered by British Gas, speak with their friendly and helpful customer services department. They populate their phone lines with friendly and helpful employees who are willing to assist with any enquiry you might have regarding your current account or taking up a new account with them. British Gas are contactable 24/7 and will be able to assist you with any enquiry you might have. Alternatively, you can read all about British Gas and their services on the British Gas website.

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