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British Gas is a leading suppliers of energy to homes and business in the UK. To find out more about their tariffs call British Gas contact 0844 887 1163.

Every home in Britain and every office and work place relies on energy for heating and lighting. The choice used to be quite small as to whom we could buy our energy from but these days there are many companies both large and small vying for our business. To find out more about them call British Gas contact 0844 887 1163. There have been many complaints that energy companies make their tariffs too confusing and that they make it very difficult and protracted for any customer who decides they want to take their business elsewhere, in the hopes of paying less for the energy that they consume. Generally speaking the Big six of which British Gas is one service the majority of energy customers in the UK. Of the big six only British Gas and SER are British in origin. The other four, EDF Energy, npower, Scottish Power, and E.On UK are from France Germany and Spain. To find out more about the big six call British Gas contact 0844 887 1163.

While the big six defend themselves over the price rises to domestic energy bills by saying that it has been inevitable following the rise in the price of oil, consumers are far from happy. To find out more about price rises call British Gas contact 0844 887 1163.

Many charities have voiced grave concerns over the fact that prices are forcing many families to face a choice of eating or heating. They have also said that the most vulnerable in society were at risk with the prices that they had to pay for energy rising steadily. To find out more about how prices have risen call British Gas contact 0844 887 1163.

British Gas Contact 0844 887 1163

Consumer groups and even the government have been getting involved in the debate about how much the price of energy has increased and there have also been demonstrations in some parts of the country. More and more people are being forced into the situation where they cannot afford to pay for their energy and are heating just one room of the house. Children and the elderly are thought to be the groups most at risk this winter, especially if it is very cold. To find out more about help with heating costs call British Gas contact 0844 887 1163.

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