British Airways News Update: Passengers Hear Mayday Call

British Airways Boeing 777 Shannon Ireland

British Airways News Update: Passengers hear mayday call. Frightened passengers on a British Airways flight hear captain radio for help over the Atlantic.

Passengers who were on a British Airways flight to New York were alarmed when they heard the captain making a mayday SOS call as they cruised thirty six thousand feet above the Atlantic Ocean. As smoke filled the cockpit of the Boeing 777 the captain put in a distress call not realising that he had accidentally put on the public address system.

The plane, that had taken off from Heathrow, had to land at Shannon airport in Ireland. The trouble had started just before two in the afternoon when the crew noticed that smoke was building up in the cockpit. Donning their oxygen masks as per procedure the British Airways flight deck crew immediately contacted air traffic control to advise them that there was an emergency on board.

In the confusion the cabin address system had been put on and all the passengers on board the aircraft heard the mayday call. When the aircraft landed safely at Shannon airport the passengers were informed that there had been an electrical fault that had forced the plane to touch down in Ireland. The passengers then had a seven hour wait for a new aircraft to take them on the remainder of the journey.

British Airways News Update

Some of those on board the British Airways flight wrote comments on the Aviation Herald Website, a site specifically designed for the recording of instances of emergency landings.

Some wrote about the incident on the Aviation Herald website, which logs emergency landings. One passenger wrote that he would never fly with the airline again while another said that he had been on the flight with his new wife and that they had been very frightened to hear the mayday call go out. He did go on to say that the descent was controlled and the landing while it was heavy was also controlled. He said that all the passengers had been extended superb hospitality by the staff at Shannon airport and that free refreshments were made available while they waited for a replacement aircraft to arrive.

It was thought that a fan that had overheated had caused the smoke in the cockpit. The problem was not a serious one and British Airways have said that the jet is already back in service having had minor repairs made the following day.

Contact the British Airways customer service team if you have any enquiries about any of their flights or in-flight services.

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