British Airways News Update: Compensation Payout For Delays

Compensation for Delayed Flights

British Airways News Update: Should the airline pay compensation to passengers for delays caused by accidents or other inconveniences on the runway?

For many accustomed fliers one of the most frustrating aspects of flying somewhere is the inconvenience of being delayed. This can be for as little as 30 minutes or as long as 24hours. However long the delay is this can stop us getting to somewhere on time, missing another connecting flight or being late for an important event or meeting. When this at the end of the day is not out fault there is nothing more annoying. For a long time people have said there should be compensation pay out for the inconvenience delays cause and are British Airways starting to listen? A recent accident on the runway has brought attention to what exactly the Airline should pay when something goes wrong.

‘The airline paid for food and hotel accommodation where necessary for stranded passengers at the time, and said: “we did all we could to offer duty of care”.

These provisions do not release an airline from its obligation to pay financial compensation however, according to Raymond Veldkamp, of, a website that assists passengers with compensation claims.

He said: “This is a textbook example of an incident that can be accredited to the operational responsibility of an airline.

“The passengers on this flight are entitled to receive financial compensation from BA in our judgment.”

Regulation 261 has cost the airline industry more than £1 billion in compensation payments since the 2010 volcanic ash crisis.

BA said: “We are continuing to work with customers on the BA 762 flight to provide support and compensation.

“We are very sorry for the disruption thousands of our customers experienced on Friday May 24 following the severe air space restrictions after Heathrow was closed for a short while and one of the two runways at the airport was shut for several hours.

“The situation was further complicated by the closure of airspace to the north and east of London during the afternoon due to the incident at Stansted which lead to additional disruption to flying schedules.

“We did all we could to offer duty of care including giving out refreshments and hotel rooms during Friday and will meet any additional duty of care related claims in our normal way.

“We will assess every claim we receive and will meet the legal obligations as laid out in EU261.”



Hopefully British Airways have started to acknowledge their mistakes, and furthermore seeing to the action that needs to be done to correct them. For more information on the matter please visit where the orginal article is found.

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