B&Q News Update: New Look Book

B&Q New Look Book

B&Q News Update: New Look Book launched to help Britain’s householders make the most of the rooms that are neglected and left unloved in many of our homes.

B&Q remind us that winter is a very special time in the year when we want to make our homes a lovely warm and welcoming place for our friends and relatives who will visit over Christmas. B&Q have done their research and discovered that across the country there are some sixteen million rooms that need help from their owners to get them ready for the festive season.

Coming to the rescue of neglected rooms everywhere B&Q are on a mission to inspire home owners to get into the store and get hold of all they need to bring their neglected rooms up to scratch. Everyone, B&Q say, will have a room that is the spare room but end up being just a storage room and somewhere to dump anything that does not quite fit anywhere else.

These are the black holes of our homes that we will be acutely embarrassed about when the relatives arrive to visit us for Christmas. Merely moving the junk that has accumulated to another room or up to the attic can not disguise the fact that the room has been unloved for sometime and it is the refreshing of these rooms that B&Q want to inspire us to do this winter.

B&Q News Update

B&Q say that with the wide range of products that are on offer in the store there is sure to be something that will suit any room that might need decorating and bringing alive with a fresh coat of paint. The Look Book has been designed to present snapshots of what is possible in room decoration and has a great Style House feature updates for that extra inspiration.

The Look Book can be a great starting point for ideas to decorate that spare room that has been waiting for rescue for a long time. Once it is done it will open up the house to visitors and to people staying for a break or for Christmas. There is nothing like a freshly decorated room to breathe new life into the home and to fill us with pride at what we have achieved.

So if you think there might be a room in your house that could benefit from a new look and a bit of TLC the Look Book from B&Q will give you a great starting point.

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