BP News Update: BP Support Six Olympic And Paralympic Hopefuls

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Quest for Gold in Sochi 2014 Supported by BP

BP News Update: BP support six Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls. BP has announced that it will be sponsoring the athletes in their quest for Olympic gold.

The six American athletes who are in training for the Winter Olympic Games to be held in 2014 in Sochi will be sponsored by BP America. This is part of the company’s continued commitment to the Olympic Committee in the US and to Team USA. In a statement BP America said that they were very honored to be able to activate the partnership with the sponsorship of the six athletes as they go forward to pursue their dreams of Olympic and Paralympic success. The statement went on to say that the company was fully committed to allowing the aspiring athlete the opportunity and vital funding needed to give them the change to earn a spot to represent the USA in the important winter Olympic games arena.

Two of the athletes that will be sponsored by BP America include the hurdler Lolo Jones and the Paralympic track and field stars Tatyana McFadden. Both of these athletes will continue to enjoy the sponsorship of BP as they do their best to join the elite ranks of those selected to compete in both the summer and the winter Olympic games.

The BP America sponsorship was fist announced in 2012 and in 2011 the partnership was extended with the United Sates Olympic Committee (USOC) naming BP America as its energy partner throughout 2016. BP will continue to support charities that have been nominated by the athletes as well as sports clubs that are often the early training clubs and playing fields of Olympic hopefuls.

The USOC itself came into existence in 1894 and has it headquarters in Colorado Springs. The committee serves as both the National Olympic Committee and the National Paralympic Committee for America. It is responsible for overseeing all the training and the funding as well as the entering of Olympic and Paralympic teams that are represented by the United Sates of America. They also have responsibility for the Youth Olympic, Pan American and Para pan American Games and are stewards fort the entire Olympic and Paralympic movement throughout the United States.

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It is very good to know that such a large company as BP is giving back to the community in a way that will benefit many young people.

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