BP News Update: BP Accused of Lying Over Oil Disaster

BP Tell Lies Over Oil Spill

BP News Update: BP accused of lying over oil disaster. The oil giant is accused of covering up the full extent of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil well disaster.

As the second part of the trial that is looking into the oil well disaster gets underway in New Orleans, and with the threat of billions of dollars of fines hanging over them, BP’s lawyer, Mike Brock, insisted that the company had done all that it could to stem the oil that gushed from the well after an explosion on the Deep Horizon rig. The explosion killed eleven oil workers.

Brian Barr, one of the lawyers for the plaintiffs, responded by saying that BP had not been adequately prepared for such an accident. Mr Barr also said that the evidence that would be produced would show that BP had told outright lies and that it was that that had caused the flow of oil to go unchecked. Another of the trial lawyers for Transocean, who own the rig, have also said that BP had continually supressed evidence about what the rate of the oil leak was.

BP News Update

Mr Brock came back for BP and said that they company had not lied. He countered that BP had not lied, but had made the right decisions based on engineering considerations and based on the information that had been available at the time. He insisted that what had transpired was not fraud and was certainly not negligent behaviour.

The vicious sparring came on the first day of the second part of the oil disaster trial. The first part of the trial was wrapped up earlier this year and the focus then was on whether BP and the partners it worked with on the project had been guilty of gross neglect with respect to the Deepwater Horizon rig disaster. The second part of the trial will look at the size of the oil spillage and what action BP took to cap the flow of crude oil that was escaping from the Macondo well. The third part of the trial will have as its focus the potential damages that will be paid out to the injured parties.

Although BP have already paid out tens of millions of dollars in fines the worse case scenario is that they could be asked to pay another eighteen billion dollars in fines if they are found guilty of gross neglect.

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