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News Update: BP embroiled in slanging match, News has broken that BP was involved in an acrimonious slanging match with a pollution hit US Gulf state.
The row broke out when the US Gulf state Louisiana complained about the oil giants clean up rate after the Deepwater Horizon blowout in 2010. In the BP corner the company complained that the Louisiana leaders had been grandstanding’ and ‘manufacturing claims’ about the environmental efforts of BP since the disaster.
BP have been increasingly frustrated after a bid to persuade a judge to limit compensation pay-outs failed. BP asserted that the claims should be dismissed because they had been fraudulently made. The beleaguered oil company is still involved with a legal case brought through the civil courts against the United States Department of Justice over the well at Macondo.
Vice-president of US communications for BP, Geoff Morrell, fielded critical comments made by Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal, and one of his top executives, Garret Graves, at a Gulf Coast restoration council meeting. The outburst from Morrell that accused the State of grandstanding and making false assertions was met by an immediate response from Graves, who came back just as forcefully. The exchange clearly demonstrated that neither party was in the mood for compromise as Graves insisted that BP had not been a victim of the disaster pointing out that the dead workers families and the citizens of the area where the spill had impacted were the sufferers adding that BP’s efforts to be seen as victims was ‘shameless.’ He continued by saying that for BP to call the concerns of the State ‘grandstanding’ was incredible as Louisiana tried to deal with the aftermath of the largest oil spill in US history while BP did the worst clean up job in US history. For BP executives to try to call our concerns ‘grandstanding’ is laughable, he said. BP was accused of being focused primarily on its image and less on covering the cost of restoration to the area affected by the oil spill. During the restoration council meeting, Jindal had said BP had focused too much on its image and needed to turn its attention to covering restoration costs. The Louisiana governor said that the oil company that spent hundreds of millions of dollars on its public relations campaign could better spend the money on completing the clean up of the spill site.

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Morrell countered with the fact that to date British Petroleum had spent more than seventeen billion pounds on the oil spill clean up refuting the fact that more had been spent on advertising than on the cleansing operation.

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