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British Petroleum (BP) is a well-known fuel supplier in the UK. For any details about the services they provide call on BP contact number 0844 335 2217.

BP was founded in 1909 and is still often referred to by its former trading name British Petroleum. The company has its headquarters in London.

BP are very keen to stress their sustainability credentials and their website assures that the company aim to be a global leader in safety within the industry. Being world class and with regard to corporate responsibility they also strive to be a good employer. There have been some disasters in the industry and BP has made it a mission to ensure safety and security and to ramp up their risk management programmes in order to regain trust and grow the value of the company. Call on BP contact number 0844 335 2217 for more details.
An unceasing focus on safety is a priority for BP and they have rigorous methods to keep their front line workers safe as they work. Operating as they do in some areas that are politically sensitive, as well as in geographically challenging environments where oil is drilled for in oil sands and in water of great depth, BP understand that this type of exploration requires an extremely sensitive approach to the local environments in which they work. As the company continues to improve its structures, practices and principles, they include analysis and attention to how the activities of the company’s contractors, and those operators who work with BP on combined undertakings,
impact the environment and local communities. Call on BP contact number 0844 335 2217 for more information on BP’s policies.
BP understands that they can only continue to operate by engendering and maintaining trust within workers and those in the wider community. They strive to make their monitoring and reporting processes as transparent as they can. They place great reliance on good and effective communication and open dialogue, essential in order to meet the expectations of the company’s customers, employees and shareholders as well as those within the local communities in which the oil giant operates.

BP Contact Number 0844 335 2217

BP sate that they are working towards being a less complex business, with a strong emphasis on excellence. Expertise and associations underpin BP’s oil exploration, deep-water operations, management of colossal oil fields and gas chains, as well as their globally renowned downstream business. Maintaining BP’s strong financial performance is essential enabling BP to continue to invest in providing the energy that society needs, while rewarding and maintaining shareholder support. You can call on BP contact number 0844 335 2217 to find out anything you need to know about BP’s operations.

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