Bosch News Update: Nice Things Come In Small Packages

Bosch Says Buy a Little Something For Christmas

Bosch News Update: Nice things come in small packages. Bosch urges us to give something small and perfectly formed for Christmas – the Bosch Tassimo Vivy.
Bosch think that their small and compact Tassimo Vivy will be the gift of choice for all coffee lovers this year. They hope its small size and great design will make it a hit with the buying public this Christmas. The handy coffee maker will be available this month on the Bosch website and is the latest in the range of Tassimo coffee makers. Despite its petit size, it has sacrificed nothing in its flexibility and choice. It is very likely to be a perfect addition to use in that smaller space, or perhaps for a student who will be away from home for the first time at university this autumn.
As the most compact of the Tassimo range it will still deliver the delicious coffee shop quality hot drinks in the comfort of home and in the smaller kitchen, or maybe on the corner of a desk at work. The Vivy has a water tank that is integral and on the side of the machine that has been carefully designed to be shorter in depth to allow for the smaller design. The water tank still offers a very useful capacity at just under a litre and will make about three cups of a standard size of hot drink. Bosch are quick to say that the unique barcode technology that Bosch has developed is still the key element in ensuring that the perfect hot drink is delivered every time, with no guess work involved at all.
The machine itself is very easy to clean and to maintain and the Vivy will pierce each of the sealed t-discs from which the drinks are made without any need for milk pipes or for any waste compartments. Once the dink is poured the t-disc can be removed and the resulting beverage can be enjoyed without any fuss or mess to clear up.

Updates On Bosch

Bosch Tassimo have linked up with the leaders in coffee Costa so that the coffees from Costa can be enjoyed with a Tassimo machine at home or in the office. As well as the old favourites from Costa such as Cappuccinos and Lattes and Espressos, Tassimo t-discs are also available in Twinning’s tea flavours, Caramel Macchiato and Cadbury Hot Chocolate amongst many other delicious flavours.

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