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Bosch News Update: Bosch Modules continue to be produced, was a recent headline and referred to the engineering giant’s photovoltaic modular manufacturing.
Bosch announced that they would continue production of the photovoltaic modules until the end of 2013 according to a news update that has appeared in the German press. After that Bosch will cease to manufacture crystalline solar modules. Speculation is rife as to whether a new investor has been found for the Arnstadt plant although reports say that production at the Bosch Solar plant is seemingly continuing at its normal rate at present.
It had been a pretty uncomfortable week for solar as Suntech finally announced that they had moved into insolvency and then Bosch confirmed that the rumours that it was to cease its solar activities not long after it began its association with the solar market in 2008, were true. Bosch have also let it be known that they will be selling off the individual business units that it has as quickly as it can and that it will cease all marketing and development activity. It will also come as a blow to Malaysia where Bosch had panned to open another manufacturing plant in the future, that it will now abandon.
Bosch owns 90.7 % of Aleo solar AG, which will also be severely affected by the decision by the electronics giant to move away from the solar market. Bosch will now be seeking to to sell its shares. But Bosch has apparently reassured Aleo Solar AG that they will continue to finance the operation until the end of March 2014.
Reports have also been written about the continued struggle of the IG Metall industrial union of metal workers who have appealed repeatedly to the German chancellor Angela Merkel to help them save around 2900 jobs that are currently at risk due to the closure of the engineering giant’s photovoltaic modular manufacturing operation. The union have had recent talks with the chancellor and the State Minister for Thuringian, Christine Lieberknecht.

Updates on Bosch

The works council have put forward their demands and their proposals in the hope that they can save the jobs that have been put at risk at the Arnstadt site after the cessation of Bosch‘s solar business, IG Metall commented. Additionally there has also been very lengthy initial discussions with Marion Walsmann the Thuringia Head of State, and General Hermann Gröhe the Christian Democratic Union Secretary. It is thought that both the German chancellor Angela Merkel and Christine Lieberknecht have both pledged their support for the metal workers.

To call the Bosch contact number click the link.

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