Boots News Update: Little Girl Gets Smack From Boots Worker

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Boots Pharmacist Smacks Little Girl

Boots News Update: Little girl gets smack from Boots worker. The mother of the child told how her daughter froze as she was smacked for being naughty.

The little girl Lora Cropley was shopping in Boots with her mother Angela. The child knocked a bottle of disinfectant off the shelf and it broke. The shop pharmacist said that she had smacked Lora out of ‘empathy’ by Angela Cropley is not happy with the letter of apology that she got from the store.

It is an expected scenario that young children in shops will sometimes have a mishap and do some unintentional damage. This was what happened when little Lora knocked a bottle of disinfectant onto the floor. What was unexpected was the fact that the pharmacist smacked the child, who is three years old, and gave her a telling off. Although Boots bosses apologised to the mother and child Angela Cropley she is far from happy with the situation. The pharmacist, who is a woman in her fifties, was giving Angela advice when Lora who had been playing with some of the bath toys that were on display knocked a bottle of Dettol onto the floor, where it broke.

Mrs Cropley who is a mother of two was very embarrassed and offered to pay for the bottle but as she bent over to pick up the bottle from the floor the pharmacist smacked little Lora on the bottom and told her that she was a naughty girl. When Mrs Cropley complained about the smack she was told by the store that it had only been a tap.

Angela Cropley said that as she saw it no one had any business punishing her daughter other than herself and her husband. She also said that if the child had not had clothes on the smack was hard enough to have left a mark on the child’s skin and had been delivered with enough force to push the child forward. She added that if she had gone into the store and smacked the pharmacist she would expect to be arrested.

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Toby, the younger Cropley child who is eight months old was with his mother and sister and was in a pushchair. Angela had gone into the store to buy him some soya milk as only that morning she had been told that he was lactose intolerant. Angela was seeking advice from the pharmacist on which brand of soya milk to buy.

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