BHS News Update: Convenience Stores To Open

BHS to open food stores

BHS News Update: Convenience stores to open and Sir Philip Green takes on Marks and Spencer and supermarkets for the convenience food store customer.

The announcement has been made that the retail guru is to introduce BHS into the race of the in store food convenience market. The news came on the same day that Asda one of the three biggest supermarkets in the UK announced that it would be expanding into convenience food for the fist time. This comes at the end of a long period where Asda has kept out to stay out of the race with its rivals Tesco and Sainsbury as well as Morrison.

The owner of Top Shop, Sir Philip Green said that he had been looking at a prototype of the food selling facilities proposed for BHS. He said that the facility would be run by BHS rather than an outside contractor so that introducing third party business could be avoided. The business will open its first in store convenience food store early next year.

The move is a bold step by the retailer BHS that has been under pressure from rivals on the high street like Debenhams and John Lewis as well as from the discount store Primark. There has also been talk of a possible take over of the group by Christo Weise, a South African billionaire.

BHS News Update

Sir Philip said that there were one hundred and fifty stores where it would be possible to install the new food outlets and jokingly said that one great advantage would be if, as first time food sellers, they got it wrong, they could always eat the food themselves. He commented that all the supermarkets seemed to be following the same course towards offering convenience outlets and that he thought as BHS had suitable venues at which to install the new convenience stores it seemed sensible to give it a go.

He would no be drawn on who the target market for the food would be but did say that they would have to recruit the very best as a food boss as he wanted BHS food to have an unrivalled reputation for quality as well as the traditional value that people associate with the brand. He said that the aim was to make the food world class.

There is no doubt that if anyone can make a success of such a new venture it will be the talented and very successful Sir Philip Green at BHS.

Contact the BHS customer service department for more information on the new convenience stores or any of the services offered by the company.

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