Bet365 News Update: Spurs’ Eriksen Could be Back Before Christmas

Spurs Eriksen Ankle Injury Return

Bet365 News Update: Spurs’ Eriksen could be back before Christmas after good news about the Danish player’s ankle injury, Tottenham Hotspur have announced.

Bet365 are always on the ball when it comes to giving their clients the latest news about the sports that they love. In the Bet365 report about Christian Eriksen they reported that it had not been looking good for the Denmark International player who was initially thought to have done some serious damage to his ankle during a friendly between his home nations team and Norway last week. Reports at the time said that the twenty one year old player had suffered some damage to the ligaments that might mean he would be out of action for three months.

An MRI has been carried out on the player, however, and it is now thought that his injury is nothing more serious than a sprain to his ankle. Tottenham are now hoping that he could be on the pitch again by the middle of next month. The scan had shown no sign of any rupture of the ligaments in Eriksen’s ankle that will mean that he should recover from his injury much sooner, the report from Bet365 has said.

Bet365 News Update

Spurs will be hoping that the attacking mid fielder will be back in action before the game with Liverpool on the fifteenth of December Bet 365 reported.

Spurs will, in the mean time be calling on their players Gylfi Sigurdsson, Lewis Holtby or Erik Lamella, one of which is likely to be taking the place of the Danish player. Bet365 give odds of 5/00 on the upcoming clash between Spurs and Manchester City with the Bet365 odds on a city win 1/66.

Currently Tottenham Hotspur are seventy in the Premier League and have attracted Bet265 odds of 3/00 to finish in the top four of the league at the end of the season. Bet365 offer coverage of betting on all the Premier League matches on the Bet365 one hundred per cent Euro Soccer Bonus site where punters can earn a bonus anywhere up to one hundred per cent on any pre-match accumulator bets that are made.

For those who are looking for a hot tip for the weekend then they should head to the YouTube site of Bet365 where their own commentators will be giving all the details and the odds of the games to be played at the weekend.

Contact Bet365 for more information on their latest news stories.

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