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Bet365 News Update: bet365 Soccer News. As well as on line gaming the site keeps up to date with all sporting news, in particular with football information.

Bet365 have reported that the England football captain Steven Gerard has said that the job is only half done at the moment and that he needs one more big and show stopping performance by the England team.

Raheen Sterling the Liverpool winger has been drafted in for service on the England team as the crucial world cup qualifier match against Poland that will be played this evening at Wembley stadium.

Sterling, who is just eighteen years old has been plucked out of the under twenty ones teams. This has been as a result of the regular occupier of the wing, Tom Cleverly, being out of action. Cleverly, the Manchester United winger who is in the squad has not been able to play in the Montenegro game and will not be fit enough to play against Poland either. He is suffering from a calf injury.

bet365 reports that Roy Hodgson, the England coach only needs to secure a win against Poland to take the top spot in Group H next year when the world cup is played in Brazil. The squad however will also be without talented right back Kyle Walker who is out due to a suspension. The defender who plays for Spurs got a yellow card in the game against Montenegro and his place will be taken by one of two players from Manchester United, either Phil Jones or Chris Smalling.

Bet365 say that the England captain has said that the team will have to take the game against Poland very seriously. Poland themselves lost to the Ukraine and ended their qualifying hopes in a 1-0 defeat against the eastern European team.

The England captain in his ‘job half done message’ said that England should remember that Poland are a very good team and would not be coming to play the game and to let England rest on their laurels. He warned that there would be considerable kudos for the Polish team if they were able to be the team that stopped England going on to play in the World Cup.

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Bet365 give the odds for an England win as 1.25 and for a draw the odds are 5.50. If you fancy a wager on England in the World Cup itself then the odds are 26.00.

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