Bentley News Update: Luxury SUV On The Way

Bentley SUV Launch

Bentley News Update: Luxury SUV On The Way. The iconic carmaker has announced that they will be proceeding with development of a sports utility vehicle.

This is an exciting move by the high end carmaker and the new SUV will join the line up of the Mulsanne, the Continental GT and the Flying Spur in the illustrious Bentley line up. The vehicle will be available to buy in 2016. The next three years will see the company investing some eight million pounds at the headquarters of the company in Crewe to encompass the development of new models.

Prime Minister Mr David Cameron turned out for the announcement of the new model along with Dr Martin Winterkorn and commented that the eight million pound investment, that would lead to the creation of thousands of jobs, was very welcome both for the local area of Crewe and for the UK as a whole. He said that the boost to the economy was a very welcome sign of things improving and the economy recovering. Mr Cameron commented that one sector that was forging ahead was the automotive industry. He added that this year for the first time the UK became a net exporter of cars under the umbrella of the Government’s Automotive Strategy that is designed to ensure the continuing trend of economic success is maintained for years to come.

The fact that the new SUV is to be manufactured in the UK is a great move in securing many jobs that might have been under threat while many more will be created. The opportunities for training were also welcomed producing qualified apprentices who will be highly skilled in the industry.

Bentley News Update

A spokesman for the Volkswagen Group to which Bentley belongs said that the UK was the best choice for the production of the new vehicle, representing a competitive industrial setting. He added that there had been a lot of interest from Bentley lovers all around the world who were eagerly waiting the launch of the new SUV.

Dr Wolfgang Schreiber, Bentley’s Chairman and Chief Executive said that the move was great news for Bentley and for the whole of the UK. He added that Bentley was proving to be increasingly successful and that the new fourth model line would influence the success of the worldwide SUV market. He said that the Bentley SUV would be the most luxurious vehicle of its type on the roads due to the craftsmanship and quality of the build.

Call the Bentley contact number to discuss the new car launch.

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