Bentley News Update: Celebrates in Patrician Hues

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Bentley News Update: Bentley Mulsanne Le Mans Limited Edition celebrates in patrician hues reported a motoring writer for online site Autoblog this month.

The iconic Bentley automobile is sure to turn heads wherever it drives past and far from being stuck in the past with the well known traditional and classic lines and details of its cars, it has recently displayed the latest Bentley limited edition, the Mulsanne, at Pebble Beach in the United States. There had apparently been concerns about the exact hue of the vehicle’s green paintwork but these were soon allayed. The green bodywork of the Mulsanne was far less aggressive than had been anticipated.

The blog writer who saw the new offering from Bentley remarked that it fitted very well into the line up with the vintage model Bentley cars that were also on display at Pebble Beach in California. Each year on the third Sunday in August many of the world’s most elegant and highly prized collector and vintage cars and motorcycles arrive to take part in the hotly contested Concours d’Elegance awards. But this competition is not about speed but rather about elegance and style and has the most luxurious cars in the world pitted against each other to see which one will be judged the most elegant. Bentley is tipped to make a strong showing this year.

The limited edition Bentley Mulsanne has been launched to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the Le Mans race itself as well as a dual celebration of their award for the Speed 8 race ten years ago.

The inside of the new Mulsanne is as opulent looking as its inside with luxurious leather diamond quilting throughout the cars interior. The new Bentley Mulsanne also boasts sportier steering and suspension than is usual in a Bentley. The very satisfying throaty growl, from its quad effect exhaust is sure to get the Mulsanne noticed wherever it goes. There has been no shortage of attention to detail and the finishing of the car lives up to the promise of its performance. The wheels, for instance, have a dark finish that really compliments the car and makes it quite a work of art.

Bentley News Update

Not content with the Mulsanne’s commemorative launch, Bentley are also planning to have the Continental Le Mans Limited Edition and the Continental GT3 race car on hand for the festivities in Monterey County, California.

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