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Ba News Update

BA News Update: Plans for the expansion of one of London’s busiest airports have been released suggesting the capacity of the airport could be increased from 17.5 million to an astonishing 160 million.

“The Manchester Airports Group (MAG) submitted potential options to the Airports Commission that include a £10bn “hub” with four runways.

Campaigners against expansion called them irresponsible and opportunistic.

Charlie Cornish, chief executive of MAG, said developing Stansted would be a ‘pragmatic approach’.

The expansion plan has been submitted to the government-appointed Airports Commission, headed by former Financial Services Authority chairman Sir Howard Davies.

It is reviewing how the UK might expand its airport capacity in south-east England.

Mr Cornish said: ‘Stansted is uniquely placed to meet the UK’s aviation capacity needs now and over the next 15 years.’

‘Almost overnight, Stansted could double the number of flights it handles without any need for significant investment in new infrastructure.’

‘Looking to the long-term, the interests of passengers will be best served by a pragmatic approach, focused on delivering new capacity that is cost-effective and flexible, and capable of driving competition across the aviation industry.’

‘Developing new capacity at a number of airports is likely to be best for passengers.’

‘Should the Commission take a different view and conclude that the UK needs an effective hub to provide international connectivity, then Stansted could certainly fulfil that role in a cost-effective way.’

Peter Sanders, Stop Stansted Expansion chairman, said the MAG proposals had been ‘framed’ in an ‘unenthusiastic, half-hearted way’.

Mr Sanders said: ‘We will be doing everything possible to convince the Airports Commission to reject the idea of any new runways at Stansted.’

‘With the airport currently operating at only half its permitted capacity a second runway – never mind a four-runway hub double the size of Heathrow today – is completely unnecessary on business grounds and it would be completely unacceptable on environmental grounds.’

The Airports Commission will consider MAG’s proposals for Stansted alongside expansion proposals it has received for Heathrow, Gatwick and Birmingham and plans for a new airport in the Thames Estuary.

The commission is due to produce a shortlist by the end of the year and make its final recommendations in two years’ time.”

Stansted currently do not use British Airways as an airline but in light of these expansion plans it may well be that we see major airlines become a feature at the north east London airport. If you are interested in finding out any more information about British Airways and the services they offer, contact them directly on the British Airways contact number. We also strive to stay up to date with all of British Airways’ business developments and publish as many news articles as we can to you equally up to date.

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