Aviva News Update: Aviva Offers Income Protection

Income Protection From Aviva

Aviva News Update: Aviva offers Income Protection. The insurer has made changes to the Income Protection Policy to help customers afford vital protection.

A review has helped the customer by redefining the occupation classes that apply and with improved premiums it also offers a new wider range of cover. Now over two hundred and fifty classes of occupation are recognized that the company feels more accurately reflect risk in the work place and the improvements there have been in health and safety. Some occupations that were previously classified as being in the high-risk group were occupations like vets, surveyors and journalists and those in the scientific world. These have now been reduced in their risk assessment and in all another twenty one occupations have been taken out of the high risk higher premium category. Some occupations that previously had not been accepted at all as being eligible for cover are now welcome to apply for income protection. These include occupations like scaffolders, tillers and roofers.

Non-medical limits that previously applied have now been raised across all age ranges. The customer is promised a new quicker processing time if a claim is submitted. Another significant change is that ninety five per cent of occupations can now be underwritten in an ‘own occupation’ category rather than the previous classification of a ‘suited occupation’ or alternately on terms where the customer will need to satisfy an ADW (activity of daily work) to activate a claim. The definition used to assess incapacity will, as a result, be less severe. The company promises that the benefits on offer will be assessed in what they hope will be a fairer way and will also be a lot clearer for customers to understand.

Updates On Aviva

Many of the non-medical limits have also been raised on the Income Protection Solution cover that is offered by Aviva. For applicants of all ages a higher level of cover will be available before there is any need for a screening examination by a nurse or a full medical examination by a doctor and that is regardless of what is disclosed in the questionnaire. The move in adjusting the level of cover of income protection has complimented the increases made last year to the non-medical limits for the life and critical illness cover that Aviva offer. It is thought that the new system will result in much quicker times of processing for those who find themselves making a claim.

For more information on Aviva, call the Aviva phone number.

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