Aviva News Update: Aviva Launches Safety Initiative

HGVs and Cyclists accidents

Aviva News Update: Aviva launches safety initiative. In response to the many bad collisions between cyclists and Heavy Goods Vehicles, Aviva take action.

The insurance giant has launched a campaign to bring the attention of both groups to the issues that face cyclists who share the road with heavy good vehicles. With many serious accidents every year Aviva are attempting to bring the two groups together to see what can be done to prevent the very serious consequences of such accidents and reducing the number of cyclists injured on the roads. In London alone Aviva have been involved in half of the cyclist fatalities. That is a worrying number given that cyclists make up less than five per cent of all traffic on the roads.

Aviva will work on two initiatives with the HGV fleets that are Aviva customers. One of the measures is the fitting of a widely applauded decal that will affix to the left rear side of lorries and that will warn those on bikes of the dangers of pulling up alongside the inside of a truck in particular if the truck is to be turning left at a junction. The simple message writ large is ‘stay back’.

Aviva have been trendsetters in this respect and are the only insurers to be putting this kind of promotional message on the sides of the fleets that they insure. Another benefit will be the Fresnel Lens enlightener which is a thin optical lens that can be fixed to the inside of the window on the passenger side and can help to significantly reduce the blind spot areas and give the HGV driver a better view.

Aviva News Update

A spokesman for Aviva said that the rise in popularity in biking had led to an unfortunate corresponding rise in the rate of accidents involving cyclists on the road. He said that this was a road safety issue that everyone was involved in and that he thought that more could be done to improve the safety of cyclists on the roads of the country.

He said that the dangers of riding up on the inside of a lorry had to be brought home to cyclists and that he hoped that Aviva would be able to stem the shocking increase of fatal accidents involving cyclists on the roads. The number of fatalities increased by 10% in 2012 and Aviva are determined to try their best to keep this number form rising further.

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