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ASOS Branch into Chinese Market

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ASOS News Update: The online fashion retailer is set to enter the Chinese e-commerce market, with help from platform providing company, Hybris.

The online fashion retailer, already huge within Europe and the United States has recently announced that they will be expanding into China’s fashion e-retailer market.

Currently, the Chinese e-commerce market is growing and expanding rapidly. This is due to the Chinese spending a significantly larger amount online compared to other countries around the world, and for this reason the opportunity for companies to enter this emerging market will be very beneficial and profitable.

The online fashion retailer has therefore acknowledged this and realised that is the next step for the company to take in order to be available to consumers worldwide. Sixty percent of their sales already come from outside of the United Kingdom and it is therefore very important that ASOS spend a considerable amount of time concentrating on these new markets.

However, it can be very difficult entering the Chinese market unaided, which is why the fashion company have decided to collaborate with platform providing company, Hybris, with the aim to launch a new online fashion business. The company are expecting a extremely high amount of users and consumers and therefore will be experiencing a lot of online traffic. This is one of the reasons why they are working closely with Hybris, as they need a reliable firm that can support their venture into China’s fashion e-retailing market.

Another reason for the collaboration is the ability to communicate with and understand the culture within China. As a team, they will be able to work with native-speakers and those who have a high knowledge of Chinese consumer behaviour and habits, that will then help mould the company to fit with the way of life of the Chinese. ASOS will also gain a better understanding of any governmental or legal issues that they may come across, and therefore this will eliminate any unnecessary implications that could be holding the company back.

It is yet to be announced when the company will enter the new international market, but there does seem to be a vast amount of planning and forecasting in order to make conquering the Chinese market successful.

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