ASOS News Update: Prime Minister Visits ASOS

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ASOS News Update: Prime Minister visits ASOS. David Cameron visited the online fashion chain and vowed to get tough on the red tape throttling UK business.

As the Prime Minister visited the online fashion seller he met workers at the chain’s Barnsley warehouse. His wife Samantha Cameron is reportedly a big fan of the fashion chain and wore one of the dresses that they have on sale, and that costs forty-two pounds, to the Conservative Party Conference. The Prime Minister has said that he is sick of the regulation that is stifling British business and all the red tape that there is surrounding trading. He is determined to see an end to it and was in Brussels to meet EU leaders to discuss ways of cutting the regulations that surround business enterprise, amidst continued warnings that such legislation and red tape is holding back trade in the EU.

The prime minister is to try for a one in one out rule to halt the bewildering number of EU regulations that are multiplying and are ‘throttling business’. Along with Marc Bolland from Marks and Spencer the Prime Minister is determined to put forward a strong case for the reduction of regulations. Mr Cameron met with ASOS boss Nick Robertson as he toured the enormous warehouses of the online firm.

ASOS News Update

In advance of the meeting, Open Europe had published a list of the one hundred most costly regulations imposed by the EU using data that had been collected from the Governments impact assessment of the rules as they stand. The conclusion from their study of the data was that the over regulation imposed by the EU was costing the economy over twenty seven million pounds per year. That is a staggering figure and one that is more than the government could expect to raise in council tax revenue for the whole country in a year. Impact statements have estimated that the costs of financing outweigh any benefits to be derived and have a disastrous impact on the economy of the UK.

This state of affairs is likely to be used as ammunition by those who are opposed to the continued membership of the UK in the EU. While it is no doubt a good thing that there is a amalgamation of countries in Europe this cannot and should not be at the cost of the British or any other economy. The argument will no doubt continue.

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