ASOS News Update: Boss Picks Up Forty Million For Hitting Target

ASOS Kate Bostock

ASOS News Update: Boss picks up forty million for hitting target. Nick Robertson will be delighted with the target-based fortune in stock he has earned.

The founder of ASOS the online fashion seller who targets the twenty something age group has had his problems in loosing some of his senior staff. One of the most significant departures was that of Kate Bostock who was in post for only a few months after she had left Marks and Spencer to join ASOS. Ms Bostock left the post saying that ASOS was not the right place for her to be. However Nick Robertson seemed to suggest that Ms Bostocks’ age (56) might have something to do with why her move did not turn out to be a good fit. He said that the average age of the workers at ASOS was about 27 or 28 and the departure has led to an argument that ageism might be at play.

Other high profile departures have been the HR director Michelle Emmerson who left ASOS just a week after Ms Bostock. Despite the fact that the company had hired over 200 new staff in the last year the rate at which the senior management are leaving is likely to lead to some alarm.

Another departure was that of the director James Hart who had been the first employee of the company and left after thirteen years of service. As his departure was announced Hart said that the was always looking for ways in which he could work closely with the customer and although he had not yet lined up his next position it is clear he will be looking to stay in the retail sector. Amongst the departures there has been an exciting arrival in the shape of ex Amazon finance boss Shaun McCabe who will be joining the management team.

ASOS News Update

With fourth quarter sales growing just under fifty per cent and giving a total of almost two hundred and eight million Nick Robertson has a lot to be proud of. The company’s strong international trading position and the warm summer that the UK had this year were seen as factors in promoting and bolstering profits. There is no doubt that this company is one to watch. The success that it is having in the twenty something market has been sustained and appears likely to keep growing. More ASOS on target bonuses are likely to be coming Nick Robertson’s way in the future.

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