Asda News Update: Stopped Selling Wii U

Asda Stops Selling Wii U

Asda News Update

Asda News Update: Asda are no longer stocking the newly released Nintendo Wii U in their stores due to the low demand and selling rates of the product.

Major supermarket Asda have recently announced that they will no longer be stocking the new Wii U due to simply not experiencing the demand. Over the last few months the supermarket have had a series of offers and deals on both the original Wii and the newer Wii U, which led to a total of one hundred pounds being slashed off each product. However, there was still no increase in sales and consumers were not tempted by the highly discounted item.

For this reason, all stock of this product will be unavailable in all Asda stores, except for Wii accessories and games on the Asda website. A few popular Wii U games with a high demand will be available however, in selective stores. On their website, Asda Direct, other Nintendo products and consoles seem to have been discontinued, presumably due to a lack of sales. This is in contrast to the selling out of stock of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Asda have said that they still respect and hold a strong positive relationship with Nintendo and are still considered a partner with the supermarket. They claim to still support the game developing company completely. There are over five hundred Asda supermarkets within the UK and this means the dropped games company will have lost a major retailer and therefore the availability of their products will have decreased.

Some may think this very bad news for Nintendo, as their sales seem to be falling and loosing grip of their market share, what with big competitors Xbox and Sony taking lead and being most dominant in the market and popular with consumers, as well as still being stocked in stores such as Asda. However, Nintendo say they are remaining positive and there is much hype over future games that are to be released later this year. However, the games market is extremely competitive and it appears that Nintendo have been pushed slightly to the side with most individual favouring rival companies’ products.

After Asda’s decision to eliminate the product from their stores, it will be interesting to see if other supermarket retailers do the same, if they are also experiencing low sale rates.

If you would like to contact Asda about the products they have to offer, their contact details are provided here, or you can visit the official Asda website for more information.

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