Asda News Update: Asda ‘Mental Patient’ Costume Mistake

asda apologises for mental patient halloween costume

Asda News Update: Asda ‘Mental Patient’ costume mistake. The store was forced to issue an apology recently over their ‘mental patient’ fancy dress outfit.

The store made a grave error of judgment in putting on sale an outfit for Halloween that featured a person covered in blood with a machete in hand. The costume was labeled ‘mental patient fancy dress costume.’ Many people took to the social media site Twitter to voice their concerns and disgust at the description of the costume and the reference to people with mental illness.

One of the most prominent voices was that of the former soccer player Stan Collymore who has himself had a well-known battle with depression. His very frank comments on Twitter berated the supermarket giant for making fun of mental patients and potentially adding to the stigma surrounding those who suffer from mental illness. He went on to ask the supermarket if they realized that there were people hanging themselves rather than face the stigma of being labeled a mental patient.

Asda News Update

Asda were quick to apologise for the error of judgment and said that by way of a further apology they would be giving a sizeable donation to the mental health charity, Mind. In a statement the company said that they were very sorry for any distress that had been caused by the costume and deeply regretted the fact that anyone had been upset by it.

They admitted that the promotion of the costume had been an unacceptable error and immediately withdrew the item from sale. A spokesman did add that although the time had been withdrawn it might still appear on the website page for a few more hours before it was removed. Alistair Campbell who is a former spin-doctor and has also suffered from depression was also outraged and wrote on Twitter that he could not imagine what had possessed the supermarket to make such an error in taste and in decency.

With one in four people suffering some form of mental problem in their lives the Welsh mental health charity Gofal also added their condemnation by asking how the supermarket thought that their costume would affect the people concerned and condemned the advertising of the costume as disgraceful.

This was clearly a serious error by Asda and they have been quick to apologise and make amends by donating to a mental health charity. They will be hoping that the incident is soon forgotten.

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