Argos News Update: Argos Go Digital

argos goes digital

Argos News Update: Argos go digital as shoppers mourn the demise of the little blue pens and pads that have been an iconic symbol of the store for so long.

The frustration of trying to find a little blue pen to mark down the order at Argos will soon be a thing of the past. The new way of ordering will be by touch screen, Argos have announced, as part of the digital transformation that it is implementing countrywide.

New slick tablets will take the place of the pens and pads that were formerly used and the new touchscreen way of ordering will send the order directly to the store rooms behind the scenes. This is as well as the phasing out of the traditional Argos catalogue that has been a symbol of the store for so the last forty years. The project to phase out the pens and pads in favour of the touch screen tablets has started in Camden in North London and will be removed from another six stores before Christmas.

Argos News Update

But users and fans of the little blue pen have been quick to take to Twitter to mourn the loss of the icon that has always been the symbol of the store. One enthusiast had written ‘save the Argos pens’ and another commented that it was the end of the world as they knew it as the little blue Argos pen was consigned to the annals of history.

The outgoing Argos CEO Terry Duddy said that he thought it would be quite a moment for Argos but that the transformation of the business was underway and that the new apps for tablet and smartphone were being introduced. There will also be the launch of the digital Christmas guide to gifts and the on-going development of the digital concept store. He added that the transformation was on schedule and that progress was being made. He said that Argos was in exceptional operational shape as the busy time of the Christmas trading period approached.

There is no doubt that businesses on the high street are facing challenging times and that any innovation or restructuring they can do that will improve trade is to be welcomed. Argos have been on the scene in Britain for forty years in their present form and with the modernising of their stores and ordering they will hope that they will be a familiar name for at least another forty years.

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