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Apple News Update: From iPods, to iPad’s, from MacBooks to Desktops, Apple is taking the world by storm on the forefront of modern technology engineering. The ‘i’ brand has become one of the top marketing ranges of the century and continues to grow with their new and abstract product releases. The most recent in a long line of these is the iWatch; an all in one watch, mp3 player and much more functions. The rumours appear confirmed as the Wall Street Journal has recognised that Apple is experimenting with ‘watch like designs’. The following has more information on the rumours and competition it may face.

It’s definitely real, because the WSJ knows about it

When Apple leaks, those leaks tend to end up in the Wall Street Journal -and look! The WSJ has been talking to “people briefed on the effort”! They say that Apple “is experimenting with watch-like designs” and has “discussed such a device with its major manufacturing partner Hon Hai Precision Industry Co”, although the “capabilities that Apple is exploring for wearable devices remain unclear.”

Meanwhile, an analyst over at Sanford C. Bernstein reckons that Apple would be mad not to make an iWatch because it could make a packed even if hardly any iPhone users buy one.

By Toni Sacconaghi’s reckoning, if 3 per cent of iPhone customers buy an iWatch, Apple’s looking at $2.3 billion (£1.5bn / AU$2.2bn) a year in sales, based on a device that costs about $250 (£165 / AU$240) to buy.

If 5 to 8 per cent of iPhone users shell out, then the figures could be as high as $5.7 billion (£3.7bn / AU$5.4bn) in a year. Not too shabby.

Stretching the limits of rational thought, an Apple board member told employees at a software firm that technology is getting ever-more “intimate” and mentioned “glasses or watches” which the world promptly took to mean that Apple is making an iWatch.

An Apple Watch will face serious competition

The wearable watch market could be the next big tech battleground as perennial Apple nemesis Samsung has already confirmed that it has a smart watch in the works.

The name of Samsung’s watch may have been revealed as well, through a recent trademark filing. If the trademark is to be believed then the Samsung watch will be called Samsung Gear.

Other tech heavyweights are rumoured to be getting in on the timekeeping game too; the Apple watch may have to fight off competition from Google, which filed a smart watch patent last year and was ‘confirmed’ to be working on a timepiece by the good folk over at the Financial Times.

Also leaping aboard the largely-imaginary bandwagon is LG. Despite launching a disappointing phone-watch thing back in 2009, LG isn’t being deterred and finally has an Apple watch baiting rumour of its own thanks to the Korea Times.

And, of course, anything Samsung and LG can do, Sony can do too – the Japanese tech giant has an experimental project called Open Smartwatch in the works, putting the onus on developers to create jazzy new firmware for its existing Smartwatch device.

On June 25, Sony unveiled its newest smartwatch: the Sony SmartWatch 2, which is a water-resistant, NFC-toting Android phone companion.

And it’s not just smart watches that will give the iWatch a run for its money – other wearable tech like Google Glass swims in the same pool. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is backing Apple’s watch over the glasses in the short-term, but who’s to say which will win out overall.

We’ve taken an in-depth look at the competition between the two types of sartorial gadget too, and conclude that the Apple Watch has the edge solely because it’ll hit the mainstream (and mainstream price points) first.

So there you have it, the product of the future. This article taken from TechRadar which has the most up to date blogs and news article on new technology. For more information on Apple or the customer services number for apple,Click Here.

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