Apple News Update: Fingerprint Sensor Technology

Apple Rumoured To Have Fingerprint Technology

Apple News Update

Apple News Update: The newest Apple software is rumored to have a groundbreaking finger print sensor that will be a new step in terms of security.

There have been new reports that Apple’s new software, called iOS 7, will include a unique fingerprint sensor meaning only the user will be able to unlock the home screen. It will also be a way of accessing and identifying oneself when making payments on the App Store. The system could also be used when using mobile banking and will therefore be a very secure way of enabling protection from fraud and the unlocking of stolen phones.

This speculation over this new Apple feature came from Apple’s supplier in Asia giving a statement saying that the company are not able to develop the new software at the speed they want due to problems with sourcing a material that will not interrupt the sensor. Apple have also recently purchased a high-tech security company for over three hundred and fifty million dollars, who specialise in fingerprint sensors. With these two indicators, it is very likely that this feature will be used and will therefore challenge current mobile security features.

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However, Apple are not the first phone company to provide a fingerprint identification service within it’s devices. Companies such as Motorola and Samsung have both used similar technologies but there were both negative and positive responses from users. Some said that the sensor didn’t always pick up their finger print, resulting in them being locked out of their phone. Others stated that their friends could unlock their phone using the supposedly, one fingerprint only system. This therefore was a security hazard and phone developers have stayed away from the idea since, until now. If Apple do include this in their new software and it proves to be a success, then this could be a huge stepping stone is terms of more people feeling secure in mobile banking and purchasing products through their mobile phone.

The newest iPhone is to be released in September this year and many are anticipating the new features and technology it will hold. Apple are not ones to disclose any information before the release so it is a gamble to believe in the rumours, however it does seem likely.

For more information on Apple and the products they have to offer, you can contact their customer services department by clicking here, where all their contact details are listed. On the other hand, you can visit the official Apple website.

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