Apple News Update: Apple Look to Launch Larger iPad

Apple Launch New iPad and iPhone

Apple news update: A new iPhone is one of the hottest contested launches of the year it’s released; this year it’s accompanied by rumours of a larger iPad.

The hype that’s created around the launch of new iPhones is astonishing and this year there is double the interest for as Apple are rumoured to be looking at making larger screens for their tablet, the iPad, as well.

“Reports claim that the tech firm is testing larger screens that could be used either on a previously rumoured 5.7-inch iPhone, or a bigger tablet.

According to the Wall Street Journal, suppliers in Asia have said Apple has asked for prototypes of iPad screens that are 13-inches wide – more than three inches bigger than the current iPad model.

If the rumours are true Apple’s giant iPad could be same size as its MacBook Pro.

It would also be bigger than some laptops, including HP’s 11.6-inch EliteBook.

These latest iPad rumours follow reports last month that claimed Apple is working on plastic iPhones with 4.7-inch screens.

They could be available in a variety of colours including yellow and red – current iPhones and iPads only come in black and white – and may sell for as little as £63.

At the same time Apple was said to be working on a larger, 5.7-inch iPhone dubbed a ‘phablet’ because its a cross between a phone and a tablet computer.

These rumours originated in a note to investors written by industry analyst Brian White from Topeka Capital Markets.

The iPhone Mini could follow Samsung’s lead and have a glass front with a plastic case.

Apple traditionally unveils new handsets at an annual event in September and White believes this year’s event will be dominated by the rumoured iPhone 5S.

White claims that the iPhone Mini could be announced before this event so not to distract from the 5S launch, but Apple will likely show off both handsets together.

The Telegraph also reported that accessory manufacturer Tactus had published a picture of a cheap, plastic iPhone model, rumoured to have a 3.5inch screen and 5MP camera.

Mr White added the iPhone Mini might ‘have a curved back casing made of coloured plastic and will be thicker than the iPhone 5.’

Other rumours to have generated from White’s note include that the iPhone 6 – expected in 2014 – will have a much larger screen than the current 4inch iPhone 5 model.

Apple’s 4.7inch model would put it in close competition with Samsung’s 4.8inch Galaxy SIII.

These rumours were also said to have come from sources within the phone maker’s supply chain in Asia.

One person said to have ‘direct knowledge of the matter, according to Reuters, said: ‘They constantly change product specifications almost to the final moment, so you’re not really sure whether this is the final prototype.’”

Tablets and mobile phones are in the backbone of society these days and having the most recent release from a company such as Apple in your back pocket, well it’s the fashionable thing to have and that’s an understatement.

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This article was originally sourced from The Daily Mail.

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