Apple News Update: Apple Apply for Trademark on iWatch

trademark application for iwatch

Apple news update: Technology firm Apple have filed a trademark application in Japan for a new product that is rumoured to be called ‘iWatch’. This application supports the rumours that Apple are now looking to break into the wearable technology market.

“Bloomberg reported today that Apple is seeking to protect the product name “iWatch”, which it has categorised unsurprisingly as a ‘handheld computer or watch device’. Apple apparently filed the trademark application with the Japanese Patent Office on 3 June.

Adding more weight to the iWatch rumours, a Taiwanese newspaper reported recently that Apple is testing 1.5in OLED screens, having shipped 1,000 units to Foxconn. Unless Apple’s next iPhone is going to be much smaller than expected, we’ll place our bets on Apple producing a watch device.

Not much else is known about Apple’s iWatch, though, and given its size, there’s probably not going to be much to find out.

If speculation is to be believed, the iWatch will act as a ‘second screen’ for the iPhone and iPad, enabling users to glance at their wrists to see missed calls, messages and social media notifications. There are also likely to be music controls for music playing through an iPhone, for example, which it will do using Bluetooth connectivity.

We also know that Apple’s iWatch will face competition. Samsung has already confirmed that it’s working on a smart watch device to act as a companion for its Galaxy smartphones and tablets, while Sony announced its second generation Smartwatch in London last week.”

Apple have been a presence in the market since their first Macintosh computer was released in 1984 and they have continued to be innovative the entire time. It is this innovation that has kept Apple ahead of the competition and ensured that every new product that they release is eagerly anticipated by their dedicated customers. They also offer an element of elitism by creating software and apps that work solely with Apple products so they create an ‘inner circle’ as it were where everything runs on one company’s products.

For more information on any of the products and services offered by Apple, contact them directly on the Apple helpline and speak with a member of their friendly and helpful customer services department. Apple are contactable whenever it is most convenient to you because they are aware that a large majority of their customers have busy social and business schedules.

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