American Express News Update: Amex and Trip Advisor Hook Up

American Express and Trip Advisor Team Up

American Express News Update: Amex and Trip Advisor hook up. The link will allow customers of Amex to connect to their Trip Advisor profiles to post reviews.

Those card owners who also have Trip Advisor accounts will be able to leave card member reviews and will have access to special offers by merchants and to be in touch with special member hot spot lists. On the Trip Advisor site there will now be a heading for Amex Traveller that will appear once the Amex customer has linked his card to his Trip Advisor profile. Then when an American Express customer has been to a hotel or other venue that they have paid for using their American Express they can leave a review. For the security conscious no information on the details of the American Express card is passed to Trip Advisor.

This amalgamation will also offer useful data on the habits of American Express holders, that while it is collected anonymously, will help with the development and the offer of services to those who use their American Express in restaurants, for travel and to pay for entertainment. On the Trip Advisor Site the American Express clients will have the exclusive chance to access information on hotspots that might be of interest to them as well as destination for travel. On offer as well will be exciting and advantageous offers from merchants in all the four corners of the world.

American Express News Update

A spokesman for the credit card said that the American Express Card Member was typically an active and passionate traveller and someone who enjoyed dining out. Because of this Trip Advisor will welcome the experiences and the comments of the American Express customer as they visit venues and hotels on their travels. He said that the partnership that had been set up with Trip Advisor – the worlds biggest travel site, represented the use of commerce and community as well as technology and data, to add significant context to the reviews that are left by Amex Card holders.

A Trip Advisor spokesman said that the company were very excited about the link with American Express and said that he was sure that the Amex members would appreciate the exclusive offers that would be on offer. Once an American Express Card Member connects to Trip Advisor with their Amex Card they will unlock and will be able to access new offerings from the exclusive American Express Card Member hub, directly

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