American Express News Update: Amex and the National Trust in Station Grant

earthquake repairs to washington dc union station

American Express News Update: Amex and the National Trust in station grant. Union Station in Washington has been awarded a grant after earthquake damage.

The joint efforts of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express mean that work will be able to go ahead on the historic Union Station in Washington DC to repair the gilded ceiling of the building that was damaged in an earthquake in the summer of 2011. The ceiling, that is above the main hall of the station has already attracted two million dollars worth of grants that American Express contributed to the region when the partners in preservation scheme was brought to the area earlier this year.

The president of the Union Station Redevelopment Corporation was reported as saying that they were thrilled that American Express had come forward to help in the preservation of a much treasured and wonderful building. American Express has a long and proud history of helping in the community and has contributed a sum of in the region of fifty million dollars in grants to the upkeep of historic places all over the globe.

Amex do recognise that places such as the historic DC station are an important part of the cultural history of the Nation and as such need to be preserved. Union Station attracts many visitors and is one of the most popular tourist haunts in the whole of the city. A fund of some two million dollars has been allocated to helping the work being done to preserve this and other vulnerable cultural and historic places in the country.

American Express News Update

Union Station was added to the lengthening list of causes that need help in 2012 in order that the historic parts of the station are protected while the rest of the station is transformed to serve the modern train traveller.

One of the expenses that will be incurred in renovating the older hall is the use of one hundred and twenty thousand sheets of twenty three karat gold leaf that will be used on the barrel vaulted ceiling and will restore it to its former glory. The gold leaf is being made in Italy especially for the project by a firm that has specialised in this kind of fine art work since the sixteen hundreds.

At the time that the station first opened in 1907 it was claimed that it was the biggest train station in the world and today is as busy as ever and thanks to the philanthropy of American Express, will be restored to glory soon.

The American Express customer services department can answer any further questions you have about this project.

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