American Express News Update: American Express Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction

American Express Customers Happy

American Express News Update: American Express ranks highest in customer satisfaction for the seventh consecutive year a recent press release has reported.

There is no doubt that American Express is a very well known credit card but and it is also very popular with its customers. To be voted the best card in customer satisfaction for the past seven years says a lot about its customer service operation. In making the award the J.D. Power Credit Card Satisfaction Survey judged credit cards on six categories. Contenders were judged on their interaction with customers, overall satisfaction as reported by their customers, their payment and billing processes, the terms and conditions of the credit offered, the card rewards programme, services and any benefits and lastly how the credit card company dealt with any problems and how these were resolved with their customers.

Kenneth Chenault who is the chairman and the chief executive officer of American Express said that he felt very honoured that American Express customers had given the company such a resounding vote of confidence. He added that the recognition that satisfied American Express customers had given the company showed that the right strategy was to place emphasis on customer service that was, he said, at the heart of the company’s’ ethos. Mr Chenault added that the company’s excellent and outstanding products and experiences had added to the satisfaction of its customers and that the feedback that had been delivered through the survey would help American Express continue to raise the bar higher in the future.

Part of the customer service experience that American Express customers have really appreciated is the introduction of digital enhancements and upgraded products that have allowed better connection between Amex customers and their card provider as well as with merchants who support the card. Some of the enhancements that have proved popular with American Express customers have been the ability to see account alerts via Facebook, a special passbook that allows American Express customers to get purchase confirmations, balances in real time and a wealth of customer service information.

American Express News Update

There is no doubt that going the extra mile with their customer service is what has gained American Express the top slot in the J.D. Power Credit Card Satisfaction Survey. They beat off all comers in being voted the best for interaction with the company’s Customer Service Representatives.

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