Alton Towers News Update: August 2013 Summer News Round Up

Alton Towers Summer Update

Alton Towers News Update: August 2013 summer news round up reports on the recent repeated down time of the troubled new ride The Smiler at the theme park.

News from Alton Towers reported that since the earlier problems that had been experienced with their newest ride, The Smiler, there had been several weeks where no problems at all had been experienced. Guests to Alton Towers had on the whole been very positive about their experience with The Smiler. Alton Towers had been monitoring both official and non-official forums for the publics’ response to the £18m ride.

At another of Alton Tower’s popular events, the Scarefest visitors had seen the closing time for this event moving forward to 7 pm although this has now be reinstated at 9 pm as it appears on the official website. The earlier closing time did not prove popular with visitors to the resort as it was thought that some of the thrill of the experience would be lost by this curtailment of opening hours.

News also this August that the rides Th13teen and Hex had been removed form their original site and in their place Blade and Duel offer the white-knuckle rides that Alton Tower’s thrill seekers have come to expect. The placing of these rides has added to the ease of operation for the park in managing its visitors so that one side of the park can be operational with Early Ride Time users while the other side is being prepared for the day ahead.

The park have also been making alterations to the Early Time Ride facility to try and get over the traditional overcrowding and long queues at the end of Tower Street. This has now been restructured with ticket checks being made at the ride entrances. The Early Time Ride facility will allow riders hoping for a go on the Smiler to enjoy the ride a full hour before other theme park visitors arrive.

Alton Towers News Update

On the accommodation side of the theme park, Alton Towers have announced that they have started stocking an ale from a local Brewery called ‘Peakstone Rock’ that is proving very popular with visitors to the resort hotel. The brewery have not been slow to capitalise on their famous neighbour it seems and have named several of their beers after rides at the theme park such as the Oblivion and past ride The Black Hole.

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