Alton Towers News: Ride Shut For 2nd Time

Alton Towers News

Alton Towers News Update: Smiler ride shut for the second time. The troubled ride had to close for the second time in two weeks following safety concerns.

This year a new ride has been added to the white knuckle experience of visitors to the UK’s biggest theme park at Alton Towers. The theme park has built its reputation on catering for the thrill seeker with such rides as The Blade, Nemesis and Oblivion. However the long awaited ride this year has run into trouble, as the new Smiler has had to be shut down twice in a two-week period. The much publicised ride that features a 98-foot drop as part of its terrifying allure to those who love being frightened out of their wits, was opened in May with many faithful thrill seekers eagerly awaiting their chance to be terrified. The ride has proved a great hit with enthusiasts and visitors to Alton Towers.

In July however, part of the huge ride fell off and as a result 48 riders had to be rescued from The Smiler. This caused the ride to be closed for four days while engineers repaired it and made sure that it was safe.

Within two weeks however, there was more trouble for the Smiler as engineers, not happy with some aspects of the ride, closed it down again for ‘technical reasons.’
Alton Towers have an enviable reputation for safety and there is no doubt that if there were any concerns at all they would not hesitate to close a ride while their specialist engineers checked it out and made sure that everything was safe. Many thrill seekers have travelled to Alton Towers from all parts of the country and even from overseas to try out the new attraction. This is the latest in a long line of exciting and innovative rides that Alton Towers have introduced and installing the giant Smiler cost eighteen million pounds.

There is no doubt that there will always be those whose idea of bliss is being scared out of their wits and if being terrified is what you like then Alton Towers is definitely the place for you. There really is something for everyone at this very popular UK theme park and visitors of all ages can find something that they will enjoy doing on the vast Alton Towers site. Click for the Alton Towers Phone Number

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