Aldi News Update: Scout Hall and Supermarket Build

ALdi New Build

Aldi News Update: Scout hall and supermarket build. In the first such venture Aldi build a scout hall for the community along with a new supermarket.

The joint build that is thought to be a first in Ireland has seen the supermarket Aldi gain planning permission to build a new community scout hall alongside a new supermarket in County Cork.

There were objections from four parties but the local authority has gone ahead and granted the planning permission that will see the supermarket adding to the community by undertaking the joint venture on parish land. The site of the new scout hall and its neighbouring Aldi supermarket is at Riverstown in Glanmire and the news that they are soon to have a new scout hall has been greeted with delight from the local scout troop.

The troop has gone without a proper and dedicated scout hall for all of the thirty years since it was founded. Mr Coakley, the scout leader, explained that the troop had been started in the area back in 1979 but since that time it had had to make do with using the community centre school halls and other suitable centres as a base as they had no dedicated scout hall. Mr Coakley said that there were more than one hundred and fifty children registered in ages ranging from six to eighteen years of age. The troop is also supported by twenty-three adult leaders.

Aldi News Update

To accommodate the new build a new road is planned that was part of the conditions imposed by the planning committee on the consent granted for the 1436 square meter supermarket and the scout hall that is 273 square metres. There were twenty six other conditions that Aldi had to agree to in order to comply with terms of the planning approval for the new supermarket and scout hall.

The site to be used is a green field site and a new road was ordered to be built to avoid there being a build of traffic in the surrounding areas. The scout hall was a big decider in the granting of the planning approval as the community is seen to be in need of further recreational and community facilities.

Some of the local residents objected to the plans on the ground that it might cause problems in the area of safety for pedestrians in the area and that the increased traffic would also be likely to cause a problem.

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