Aldi News Update: Pre Tax Profits Up

Aldi Profit Spike

Aldi News Update: Pre tax profits up. In a performance that has outstripped its big four rivals, Aldi have seen a 124% jump in their pre tax profits.

The supermarket has seen a rise in profits to over one hundred and sixty million pounds in the 2012 financial year. Aldi say that during the trading period it had attracted another one million customers through the doors of the cut-price grocery supermarkets During the trading period for 2012 Aldi opened another thirty-four stores and have plans for another fifty to be opened across the UK this year. In figures provided by Kantar Worldwide the Aldi brand was estimated to have gained over a three and a half percent of the overall supermarket share.

The managing director for Aldi said that the success of the chain could be explained by the pricing policy that it adopts. He claimed that the simplicity of the pricing in the store so that customers are clear about what they are paying for and are not side tracked or confused by complicated multi buy offers that may or may not represent better value.

Aldi News Update

Aldi have introduced a range for more affluent customers called ‘specially selected’ and sales in this area had also grown with figures showing a forty per cent rise following the doubling of the products on offer in this range. It was thought that the cut-price supermarket was attracting more customers from a wider demographic with more stores being opened in what would be considered the more traditionally affluent areas of the country. The supermarket opened its five hundredth store this year.

Industry analysts have also been impressed by the performance of the store and have said that it has out performed its big four rivals on the high street. The reason for the success of the chain is thought to be due, in some part, to the current financial situation that has made the customer shop around more for better deals. Another way in which Aldi have increased their market share is through the promoting of the store as a more aspirational place to shop rather than just being known for cut price purchases. This has resulted in the perception of the store altering as well as the perception of the brands and the shopping environment. There is no doubt that Aldi in gaining ground against its traditional rivals on the high streets of Britain.

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