Aldi News Update: Aldi Voted Best Supermarket of the Year

Best Supermarket 2012

Aldi news update: Some people may have been surprised that Aldi won best supermarket of the year award in 2012 and again in 2013 surveys conducted by ‘Which’. A relatively new presence on the supermarket scene, it beat the posh people’s supermarket Waitrose and even Marks and Spencer to the top slot.

But Aldi, which is German in origin and its close cousin Lidl have fast been making headway in the popularity stakes. They have both stolen customers from their larger rivals, Sainsbury’s and Asda, Morrisons and even Tesco that seems to have been loosing ground at the same rate as Aldi has been gaining it. In fact Tesco when compared to Aldi have scored poorly for such things as customer service, the quality of their fresh produce, pricing policies and even the environment of their stores.

The grocer magazine conducted research that showed that shopping at Aldi would save a considerable amount of money when compared to a weekly shop at other supermarkets.

There are some notable differences between the way that Aldi operates compared to its rivals. In England the store does not accept credit cards but will accept a debit card or cash. They do not issue free carrier bags so their shoppers have to get used to bringing in the more ecologically friendly ‘bag for life.’

Aldi provide a packing area at the back of the store where customers are expected to pack up their shopping. Attempting to pack at the till is likely to attract some very cutting remarks from other shoppers. Aldi has an etiquette all of its own and it is the brave shopper who tries to rebel. The accepted form is to place bought items back in the shopping basket and then pack and although the size of the stores varies they can have a surprising range of goods on offer. One week they may have DAB radios and another, garden furniture.  Stores receive their deliveries on a Sunday and a Thursday so for the lucky dip element of this surprising and very affordable shop, you need to get there early.  What is on show is all there is, first come first served. This week they have had a men’s fishing fleece on sale for just £8.99 and a large memory foam dog bed for just £14.99.

There is no doubt that in the current economic climate finding a grocer that makes life a bit more affordable is very welcome. If you have any questions about Aldi products, the location of a local store or opening times call the Aldi UK customer service line on 0844 335 1236.

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