Aldi News Update: Aldi Takes on High End Spirit Retailers

Aldi Brandy £77 cheaper

Aldi News Update: Aldi takes on high-end spirit retailers as Christmas approaches and they offer vintage bottles of vintage brandy at below retail price.

The price of a 1973 bottle of the finest Napoleon Brandy would normally be one hundred and seven pounds if you were to buy it at an up market stockist. At Aldi however brandy lovers will be able to snap up a cut-price bargain with more than seventy-seven pounds knocked off the price. A bottle of the finest Napoleon brandy will cost just under thirty pounds. The Christmas treats from Aldi don’t stop there with lucky shoppers also able to buy a bottle of fifteen-year-old El Dorado Rum with a price tag of just thirty-six pounds that is very nicely under the recommended retail price of forty four pounds.

Another bargain that is bound to add sparkle to the festive season is the Grand Cru Champaign on offer at Aldi for just under twenty three pounds, a saving of twenty pounds on the normal price for a bottle of bubbly. Another sensational saving to be had is on a bottle of thirty year old Glen Orrin whiskey at just under fifty five pounds, a saving of no less than eighty pounds below the price you would have to pay in an up market retailers for the same bottle of vintage whiskey.

Aldi News Update

The selling of what should be the very expensive end of the drinks cabinet at such reasonable prices is no doubt another of Aldi’s strategies to lure the wealthier shopper through their doors. In the run up to Christmas the traditional battle of the Christmas puds has been hotting up and Aldi’s Christmas Pudding came first in a blind taste test that was carried out by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

The Aldi offering that costs only three pounds eighty nine pence has fought off robust competition from other strong contenders in the shape of Harrods and their famed Christmas pudding as well as Heston Blumenthal who has been very inventive in recent years.

There is no doubt that competition like this can only be good for the customer and at a very expensive time of year the savings to be had at the discount store will be very welcome. The savings will no doubt extend to cover many of the other necessities that we want for our tables for Christmas. There will very likely be more of the wealthier customers that Aldi are seeking to court making their way to the store this Christmas.

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